The Cleveland Cavaliers continue to reflect on their disappointing 112-89 Game 4 loss to the Orlando Magic. The Magic’s stars outplayed the Cavs’, as evidenced by Darius Garland and Donovan Mithcell’s sub-20-point performances. Garland got chippy with Jalen Suggs during the challenging afternoon and provided insight into the altercation after the game.

Cleveland was only down by one at one point midway through the third quarter. However, Darius Garland and Jalen Suggs remained relentless in their competitiveness. The two went chest-to-chest at the end of a possession when Garland was double-teamed:

Garland reflected on the moment with Suggs during a post-game press conference, emphasizing that the altercation was a result of intense competition:

We gon talk s**t. It’s playoff basketball that’s what you expect. Nobdoy’s tryna go home so whatever you gotta do to get your team over that hump…we all gon talk s**t, we gon get chippy, we gon battle,” Garland said, per Fawzan Amer.

Garland understandably did not back down from Jalen Suggs’ advances. Yet, the Magic guard got the last laugh on Saturday. Garland scored just 14 points in 32 minutes and went two for five on three-pointers. The Cavs needed more from him during the team’s second straight subpar offensive performance.

Garland certainly can put up better numbers. He averaged 18.0 points per game and shot 37.1 percent on threes during the regular season. If Garland catches heat, the Cavs will have an increased chance to rally back after two straight losses to the Magic.

Cleveland also needs increased help from Donovan Mitchell. Mitchell amassed 18 points and went one for four on threes in Game 4. His performance is a slight improvement from his 13-point outing in Game 3. Still, he needs to increase his output to give Cleveland a boost.

Speaking of boosts, Cavs fans can have hope knowing Mitchell’s intense postseason mindset.

Donovan Mitchell will not allow Cavs to fade away

Cleveland entered the NBA Playoffs with immense pressure. One analyst believes that if the Cavs do not beat the Magic, the organization will experience massive changes. Cleveland’s pressure has risen to an even greater level after their second consecutive subpar performance against Orlando.

Nevertheless, Donovan Mitchell’s playoff mentality has likely not changed from what it was when his team started the postseason. Mitchell desperately wants Cleveland to be successful.

“It definitely is something that fuels me. This is what I want to be. This is why I work hard. I take the scrutiny. I take the praise. But in order for me to be considered one of the best to play this game, I’ve got to do something when it matters most. Individual performances are great. But team success has to come with it. That’s where I’m at in my career,” Mitchell told Chris Fedor of

Surely, Mitchell will find a way to bounce back and help the Cavs succeed. Similarly, Darius Garland is poised for offensive eruption. Hopefully, it will come sooner rather than later. Cleveland must enter Game 5 with an intense vengeance. If they clean things up, they can overcome their deficit and advance to the next round of the NBA Playoffs.