The Cleveland Cavaliers have a big game coming on on Wednesday when they take on the Boston Celtics. It won’t be an easy task for the Cavs to try and win one on Boston’s own home floor, but this is exactly what they will be set out to do in this marquee Eastern Conference matchup. At this point, it is clear that the Cavs have made their preparations ahead of this highly-anticipated showdown.

Cavs star Darius Garland has now spoken out about their game plan against the mighty Celtics. According to the All-Star point guard, it all boils down to defense:

“Our main focus on our defensive end is protecting the paint, so we’re going to try to do that first and then we’re going to have to get out to their shooters,” Garland said, via NBA reporter Spencer Davies. “So everybody has to be on all cylinders. We all have to be communicating, listening to one another and just try to contest as many threes as we can.”

That’s obviously easier said than done considering how Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and the rest of the Celtics are one of the most explosive offensive threats n the entire league. Their 44-18 record is a clear testament to this fact.

Be that as it may, Cavs head coach JB Bickerstaff is confident that his boys are prepared for what’s ahead. He too is well aware of the challenge that’s in front of them, but the Cavs shot-caller also believes that his team will step it up when it matters the most:

“I think the game itself presents a lot of challenges, but also competition and fun,” Bickerstaff said. “You match up the teams what for what. Obviously, what we’re all playing for, this tight, short amount of games left in the season, just heightens what this game can be. So I think our guys will embrace it. It’ll be fun and competitive.”