Danny Green seemed set to make a big impact with the Cleveland Cavaliers once he signed with them after being bought out by the Houston Rockets shortly after getting traded there from the Memphis Grizzlies. Instead, he only played in just 12 total games for the Cavs in the second half of the regular season and playoffs, and is now looking for a new home in free agency.

The 2022-23 season was a weird one for Green, who simply could not find his way on the court. His stint with the Cavs in particular, though, left Green scratching his head. Green could have signed with a handful of suitors after being bought out by the Rockets, but chose Cleveland, only to find himself glued to the bench, which left Green to describe his tenure with the Cavaliers as “weird.”

“It was just tough being in that position, that situation. There was a lot of weird air of not knowing what was going on, what was happening, what my role was going to be, or what it was. There was talks differently before I got there than when I got there. Ultimately in the time I thought I was going to get my opportunity to actually play throughout the regular season, I caught COVID. Decisions that were not made by me is why I was not able to play or show that I was healthy…That left me in this weird space of people not knowing if I was healthy or not.” – Danny Green, The Hoop Chat with Emily Austin

Green wasn’t the only one confused by his stint with the Cavs, as it didn’t really make sense for them to push so hard to land him, only to rarely use him during his time with the team. Green will almost certainly not be returning to Cleveland, and it will be interesting to see if he can find a bigger role with the next team he signs with in free agency.