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Cavs news: Daniel Gibson on what Cleveland meant to him

Daniel Gibson Cavs

During last season’s Eastern Conference Finals, former Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Daniel Gibson sat down with DIME Magazine for a rather revealing interview. During the wide-ranging discussion, “Boobie,” as most Cavs fans came to know him, explained why the city that drafted him with the 42nd overall pick in the 2006 NBA Draft still holds a special place in his heart.

Most Cavs fans will remember seeing Gibson on the floor with a young LeBron James. As a talented prospect out of Texas, Gibson quickly found a niche with the Cavs, thanks in large part to his shooting and crafty ball-handling skills.

Boobie got an early taste of success during his rookie year in the NBA. Alongside James, Drew Gooden, Anderson Varejao, Sasha Pavlovic, and Zydrunas Ilgauskas (to name a few), the Cavs played their way to the 2nd-best record in the Central Division. However, that season’s momentum came to a grinding hault in the Finals, when Cleveland was swept by the San Antonio Spurs, 4-0.

In May, Gibson, now 31 years of age and retired from the NBA, told DIME that he is forever indebted to the city of Cleveland.

Via Oliver Maroney of uproxx.com:

“Man, I’m forever indebted. This weekend (during the Eastern Conference Finals vs. Boston), I’m going out there to sign autographs and hang with the fans because it’s the anniversary of the Game 6 I had in the Eastern Conference Finals, Bron’s first year of going to the Finals. So I’m going out there and every time I go out there, they roll out the red carpet and treat me like a king. It’s really like my second home. Actually, when they won that title last year after LeBron got that block, I shed a few tears because of all the time I spent there in Cleveland.

“Me, Varejao, and some of the other boys, we went through going to the Finals with him but then also had to deal with him leaving and continuing to try and figure it out without him. Even with that, the fans still sold that place out. We lost like 20 games in a row that year but the fans were still there for every game.

“So I’m just happy for Bron and that city, they deserve it. I’m excited for this weekend and I’m just going to be spending time with the fans. I’m not even really concerned about the game. I want to get out there with the people and let them know how much I appreciate the love they gave me while I was there.”

Despite the fact that his career in the NBA ended sooner than he may have anticipated, it seems Gibson is still holding Cleveland in high regard.

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