By now, most NBA fans have heard about Kyrie Irving’s request for a trade. The Cleveland Cavaliers All-Star point guard reportedly made the plea in a meeting with team owner Dan Gilbert and newly-appointed general manager Koby Altman in July.

According to some accounts, this ordeal has created a rift between Irving and his teammate, LeBron James. Whether or not there is an issue between the two stars can only be speculated on at this point. However, if there is indeed a complication in their relationship, former Cavalier Dahntay Jones thinks it can be mended with a simple meeting.

Jones, a player who is well-respected in the Cavs’ locker room for his honest demeanor and work ethic, recently made a guest appearance on NBA Radio’s Sirius XM channel, where he made a subtle suggestion to his comrades.

On Wednesday afternoon, several reports surfaced stating that James and Irving had engaged in a meeting over the weekend in Miami, Florida. However, even more reports followed to refute their supposed assembly.

Maybe James and Irving met, maybe they didn’t. Nobody knows for sure at this point. Jones makes a solid point, though. A lot of this drama could potentially be squashed if James and Irving simply had an old-fashioned sit-down. These are two guys who have been through a lot together, including three consecutive trips to the NBA Finals — one in which they made history.