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Report: Cavs’ Collin Sexton has rebuffed George Hill’s offers to mentor him

Collin Sexton, George Hill

Collin Sexton is the Cleveland Cavaliers’ point guard of the future. However, with barely a month of NBA experience under his belt, he definitely still has a long way to go before the Cavs officially hand him the keys to the franchise.

As it turns out, the youngster has not proven to be a very good student thus far, with reports emerging that he has refused to be mentored by veteran teammate George Hill.

According to Chris Fedor of, the 19-year-old has not been receptive to Hill’s offer to take him under his wing.

George Hill has offered to mentor the teenager, teach him how to play defense. But Sexton has, to this point, rebuffed that.

It is unclear why Sexton has shown no interest in learning from Hill, who himself has 10 seasons worth of experience. While the 32-year-old may be far from a top-tier point guard in the league, Hill still has a wealth of knowledge he can bestow on the young and promising Sexton — that is of course if the rookie lets him.

Sexton has not had a tremendous start to his NBA career, and apparently, some of his teammates have taken notice of his rather questionable attitude.

.While teammates don’t think he’s a bad kid and recognize he’s trying his best in an extremely tough situation, they are also growing frustrated with Sexton because he doesn’t show anger or disappointment following losses.

The Cavs just can’t get a break right now. Hopefully, though, this is just part of the growing pains Sexton will go through, and that eventually he is able to develop into the cornerstone player the team hopes for him to become.

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