A familiar face was seen on the Cleveland Cavaliers’ bench in their recent home win over the New York Knicks. Collin Sexton, who’s been shelved for the entire regular season, rejoined the Cavs, offering a pleasant sight to those who missed him.

Sexton cheered on his teammates and provided tips whenever he can. He was relishing the moment of being back inside the arena. Knowing Young Bull, though, his longing for the game must be a huge pain in the behind.

When asked about his return timetable, Sexton said he’ll leave it to how his body reacts. Additionally, he’s not ruling out a playoff return if the Cavs make it to the postseason.

Via Chris Fedor of Cleveland.com:

“When I’m feeling 100 percent and when my body tells me I’m ready. When my body tells me I’m at a good place and a good time that’s when I’m going to give it a go… When we make the postseason, we will see. Definitely will see. “

Fedor noted that the Cavs don’t expect Sexton to return even if the team goes deep in the playoffs. He’s an integral part of the rebuild, which explains Cleveland’s cautious approach. Prior to his injury, Sexton was leading the Cavs in scoring, doing so in an efficient manner with more off-ball activity.

Despite seeing his name in trade conversations, Sexton is still of great value to the Cavs. Any deal involving him would have to be something that absolutely improves the team. He shouldn’t be traded just for the sake of making a deal.