Cleveland Cavaliers guard Collin Sexton is still recovering from his left knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus, and while he is keeping a positive mindset, he admits there are still some “tough” aspects he needs to endure.

According to Sexton, being patient is the one thing he is having the hardest time with. Being the competitive guy he is, it is not surprising why he is itching to return to the court and join his Cavs teammates. However, Young Bull understands he cannot rush his recovery and needs to put on the daily grind to get back at 1oo percent health.

“I’m feeling pretty good. Just pretty much taking it day by day … just stay consistent in the grind,” Sexton said, per the Akron Beacon Journal. “It’s tough when you’re injured, it’s the patience part. Patience is tough because you always want to go out and get back and just go help the team any which way possible.

“I’m excited just to be here for All-Star week and just continue to be around the guys, it brings me energy.”

For what it’s worth, Collin Sexton did not provide an update on whether he’ll be able to return should the Cavs make the playoffs. He was already declared out for the season due to the extent of his injury, and by the looks of it, the 23-year-old is well aware that it is highly unlikely for him to be able to return.

It is understandable, though, why Sexton is getting impatient to play. The Cavs are thriving with a 35-23 record heading to the All0-Star break, putting them in the fourth seed with a legitimate shot at getting the top spot in the Eastern Conference.

For now, all he can do is really stay patient and work his way to full health. Surely, he’ll be welcomed with open arms when he comes back since the Cavs really love the energy and effort he brings on both offense and defense.