The Cleveland Cavaliers took a big step forward this season, making the playoffs and earning homecourt advantage in the first round. Although they lost in five games against the New York Knicks, a blueprint was set for the future. With a superstar in Donovan Mitchell and a solid group of young players, the Cavs upward trajectory looks promising. There’s one player on the Cavs roster though that’s primed to take a big leap this upcoming season and that’s third-year big man Evan Mobley. Mobley has established himself as one of the best defensive players in the league and now the Cavs want him to take a step forward on the offensive end as per Chris Fedor of

“The Cavs have plans to use Evan Mobley as an offensive hub. Will he be ready? That’s the best way for him to make that famous third-year leap. The Cavs expect it to happen. They need it if they are going to take another step forward,” reports Fedor.

It’s not as if Evan Mobley has been a bad offensive player for the Cavs. He’s averaged double-digits in scoring both of his two seasons so far in the NBA. As a rookie he put up 15.0 points per game and this season he upped that to 16.2 points. He’s a gifted finisher at the basket but a lot his points come off of offensive rebounds and put-backs and passes from teammates. It’s probably safe to say the Cavs would like Mobley to be a little more self-sufficient on the offensive end. That’s the leap they are expecting from him.