Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert suffered a stroke on May 26 and has spent the past few months recovering. Gilbert’s Cavs have spent that time gearing up for the upcoming NBA season without their owner in the building.

But on Saturday, the Cavs decided to bypass a Saturday practice to go and visit Gilbert at his home, via Chris Fedor of

In a sign of unity and support, the Cavs brought the whole team to Gilbert’s home in Franklin, Michigan. They even conducted a brief walkthrough since Gilbert has a full basketball court on his property. The visit also included lunch between the team and its owner.

In the weeks leading up to the visit, Gilbert had been in touch with a few members of Cleveland’s front office. They wanted to not only see how Gilbert was doing, but make sure he’s in the loop on the team’s vision moving forward.

The Cavs played the Detroit Pistons Friday night and take on the Boston Celtics on Sunday. Usually, teams elect to travel to their next destination once the game is over. But the Cavs knew that taking care of housekeeping business always comes first.

While our favorite players, teams and executives at times appear immortal, sometimes life can bring them down to earth, just like the rest of us. It’s great to see that the Cavalier organization can put basketball in the backseat. Without Gilbert, no player or coach would be a Cavalier.

Hopefully, Gilbert can continue his recovery and he can get back to living a full and healthy life.