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Cavs unveil new playoff slogan, theme

LeBron James

With the playoffs upon us, the Cleveland Cavaliers have unveiled their new slogan as they try to win their second NBA title.

With this being such a turbulent season filled with so many ups and downs the Cavaliers have decided to adopt the “Whatever It Takes” slogan.

“When it’s win or go home, everything takes on greater importance,” the Cavaliers wrote in an e-mail to announcing the slogan. “Everything is on the line. Every single thing matters — everything. Cleveland wants it more and we will do whatever it takes to win.”

Dan Gilbert, who has embodied the “Whatever It Takes” slogan took to Twitter to discuss the new slogan.

For Gilbert, he has made it clear he will do whatever it takes. His luxury tax bill has grown higher and higher as the season has gone on and the Cavaliers have taken on higher salaries trying to keep LeBron James happy, and win another NBA title.

Even though the Cavaliers are the 4th seed in the Eastern Conference a lot of people feel like they are the favorites to win the Eastern Conference and get another shot at an NBA title.

To make it happen though everyone in the organization is going to need to get it all and do “Whatever It Takes” to win the games.

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