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Cavs in position to improve roster for LeBron James, smoothly transition if he leaves

LeBron James

The Cleveland Cavaliers still have some work to do this postseason, but once it is over, all eyes are going to turn to LeBron James and what he is going to do this offseason.

For the Cavs though, no matter what James decides to do, the Cavaliers are actually in a good position, and Joe Vardon of Cleveland.com broke down the reasons why.

If James decides to stay with the Cavs, there is no question he will want that probably at least one more star to join the team, and that is where that number eight pick will come in handy.

If the Cavs traded away George Hill or J.R. Smith, or are on the books for big contracts next year, along with the eighth pick, that would open up the salary needed to sign another star to the team.

The Cavaliers also have four trade exceptions, including one worth almost $6 million from the Kyrie Irving trade that they could go get a veteran guy that James likes, to add to the club.

If he decides to leave, the Cavs are more prepared this time to make this team competitive much faster than what happened in 2010.

They could decide to use that eighth pick, and with it, they could end up getting a guy like Michael Porter Jr. from Missouri who might have went number one overall if it wasn’t for the back injury.

They also have Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr. who showed they could handle having a big responsibility like they did with the Los Angeles Lakers.

It’s going to be a long stressful summer for Cavs fans, but unlike 2010, there seems to be some options.

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