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Cavs news: Cleveland far apart in deal for Kings’ George Hill

George Hill, Tyronn Lue

A few days ago, it was reported that the Cleveland Cavaliers had a lot of interest in acquiring veteran point guard George Hill from the Sacramento Kings. In an update to that story, Cleveland.com’s Joe Vardon reports a move is farther to reality than expected:

“The Cavaliers and Kings are further apart on a trade for George Hill than it first appeared, sources told cleveland.com, with significant hurdles toward a potential deal remaining. One source told cleveland.com that the two sides were speaking ‘conceptually’ about Hill and were never close; another said the Cavs sought to change the parameters of a potential trade.”

More specific terms are unclear, but one can infer the Kings wanted something good in return for Hill. The Cavs still posses the Brooklyn Nets’ first-round pick this year’s Draft, an asset coveted by some front offices but also one the Cavs do not want to give up easily.

The “conceptual” plan was sending Channing Frye and Iman Shumpert to Sacramento in exchange for Hill. This offer probably was not too enticing for the rebuilding Kings, who are in desperate need of more Draft picks, or at least a young player with potential, and do not need too many veterans. Derrick Rose’s name and a second-round pick were also thrown into potential offers. It is hard to think the Cavs will part ways with Rose after what he has gone through emotionally this season, with him seriously considering retirement at one point.

It was unclear how the Cavs planned to accommodate Hill into a lineup that already features a lot of guards, including Isaiah Thomas, Dwyane Wade, J.R. Smith, Jose Calderon, and a returning Rose. But still, do not be very surprised if Cleveland’s front office pulls off the deal, as they are desperate for someone that helps them regain Eastern Conference dominance.

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