The Cleveland Cavaliers are closing in on a return to the court for the 2023-24 season, but it looks like they have a big distraction to deal with in their President of Basketball Operations Koby Altman now. Altman was reportedly arrested and charged with impaired driving on Friday night, which certainly isn’t a great look for one of the leaders of the team’s front office.

Altman has generally become a popular figure within the Cavs organization, as he has helped build their roster back up in the wake of LeBron James’ departure back in 2018. However, it’s clear this is a pretty awful look for him right now, and Cavs fans quickly stormed X to let the general manager know how they felt about his poor decision-making.

Altman is getting trashed by Cavs fans here, and rightfully so. While he’s made some good decisions with the Cavs as the leader of their front office, this is a wildly poor decision here. Getting arrested for this incident is an even worse look, and there were luckily no people harmed by Altman’s foolish call to get behind the wheel of a vehicle while intoxicated.

Given the serious nature of the incident, and the fact that he was arrested and charged, Altman could end up facing some sort of punishment from the NBA. Fans should be getting excited for the Cavs to return to the court for the upcoming campaign, but instead, Altman has shifted the focus on himself, and it may take awhile for him to get back in the good graces of Cleveland’s fans.