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City of Akron tweets heartfelt message to LeBron James

LeBron James

The recent departure of LeBron James from Cleveland has an entirely different context from how it went down eight years ago. Even the city of Akron does not appear to hold any ill will against James, after sending out a heartfelt tweet directed at LeBron.

At this point eight years ago, Cleveland fans had already started burning their LeBron jerseys. His move to the Miami Heat was considered as the ultimate betrayal by the entire city, and supporters did not hold back in making their feelings known.

To their defense, James’ free agent transfer that summer did leave the Cavaliers with absolutely nothing to hold on to, and sent them to a downward spiral over the next couple of years. Those were definitely dark times.

However, things are much different this time around. After returning as the prodigal son in 2014, James successfully brought home a title to Cleveland — the first and only title of the franchise — one year later. He did so in tremendous fashion, after astonishingly coming back from a 3-1 deficit in the finals series against the Golden State Warriors — a feat that was never before accomplished in the history of the NBA.

Last season, James almost literally put the entire city on his shoulders by carrying an underwhelming Cavaliers side all the way to the NBA Finals. No doubt, LeBron went all out in his final year for Cleveland.

The city and its fans truly never forget; and this time around, the memories will be much fonder. Thank you, LeBron.

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