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Channing Frye says Cavs were not ‘built to sacrifice for each other’

Channing Frye, LeBron James, Kevin Love, Tyronn Lue

It was obvious that things were just not working out for the Cleveland Cavaliers. This season, they started off slow and struggling. After a bunch of humiliating losses and after Derrick Rose suffered yet another injury, the team appeared to have figured things out. But once Isaiah Thomas and Rose were incorporated back into the lineup, the Cavs underwent one of the most disappointing stretches in the LeBron James era. There was no effort, no defense, no chemistry on the court. It was time for a change, and the Cavs remastered half of their roster looking for younger players and better defenders right before the trade deadline.

Channing Frye, one of the players dealt away from the team, agrees with this notion. According to ESPN’s Ohm Youngmisuk, the 34-year old veteran said:

“I think it just wasn’t working. I don’t think it was a chemistry off the court thing because I went and talked to those guys all the time. I just think on the court, there just wasn’t enough give and take. I don’t think we were built to sacrifice for each other.”

As Frye pointed, everybody got along and nobody had any off-court issues with each other. But this camaraderie did not translate to the basketball game. It was very frustrating because before this season started, the Cavs managed to put together a group of very successful players. But for one reason or another, they did not mesh well. Frye added:

“I think a lot of guys had success in different systems. There wasn’t enough time for them to adjust to doing it a certain way and that happens.”

Simply, it was not meant to be. And while there were a lot of relationships and emotions involved in the roster makeover, the Cavs had no other option but to shake things up before it was too late.

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