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Channing Frye roasts Tristan Thompson’s offseason training

Channing Frye is back with the Cleveland Cavaliers. His first task: give his Cavs teammates that classic Frye roasting. His recent victim: Tristan Thompson.

Thompson recently posted a photo of him working out in the offseason where the 27-year-old looked pumped up and motivated.

“Hard work” 😤😤

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But as tough luck would have it, Frye was on social media, too, and decided to give him a quick ribbing. Frye, who is a Cavalier once again, roasted his buddy.


Thompson hasn’t replied yet — at least publicly. But one can easily imagine the two going at it once again, like the way they used to.

To recall, Frye was traded midseason last year in an effort to retool the Cavaliers’ roster. At that point, they were going downhill, inching farther away from playoff contention. Frye was sent to the Los Angeles Lakers and served as a veteran voice in the locker room.

Now, he’s back in Cleveland on a one-year, $2.4 million deal. Apart from being a savvy veteran and a marksman from downtown, Frye has built a reputation of being a fun-loving locker room guy. Though he doesn’t necessarily pad the statistics, the good aura that he brings definitely seeps through his teammates especially during tense situations.

But the question now is: who will be Frye’s next target?

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