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Channing Frye says he’s Cavs ‘fire extinguisher’

Channing Frye

Channing Frye had an interesting analogy for what he brings to the young Cleveland Cavaliers team. Frye believes that he acts as a “fire extinguisher” for the Cavs and he explains his reasoning that makes perfect sense.

“My value comes from not taking a shot and giving our guys freedom of mind to think, ‘If I need Channing he’s always there.’ Like a fire extinguisher,” Frye said to Hayden Grove of Cleveland.com. “How many times have you ever seen a fire extinguisher used? Maybe once, but you’re like, ‘Damn, I’m so glad I had the fire extinguisher!’ Right?”

Frye is a 13-year NBA veteran with a championship ring on his resume. He may not be the same player he was just a few years ago. But he knows how to play the game the right way and he can be a guiding influence in the young locker room.

Channing Frye has only appeared in six games this season and even that action only included a handful of minutes. But Frye is showcasing his value as a mentor by fully embracing his role and doing everything he can to help the Cavs improve.

It can’t be easy for a veteran like Frye to deal with the type of season Cleveland has had — especially when he’s been to the top of the mountain with the Cavs. But Frye is taking his role in stride and acting as a “fire extinguisher” giving his young teammates some peace of mind that he’ll always have their back.

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