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Cavs’ Cedi Osman takes blame for heartbreaking loss to Magic

Cavs, Cedi Osman

The Cavs were in Orlando on Monday night for a matchup against the Magic. Though they were leading in the fourth quarter, a series of ill-advised plays, including one bad pass from Cedi Osman in the closing seconds, allowed the Magic to carry the day, 102-100.

With just over 20 seconds remaining in the game and both teams in the bonus, the Cavs were in position to nab their second victory of the season. However, in an attempt to burn a bit more clock, Osman attempted a pass to George Hill, who was making a cut through the lane.

Osman’s pass never made it to Hill. In the heat of the moment, Jordan Clarkson, who was also making a cut towards the hoop in transition, thought the pass was intended for him. Clarkson was unable to control the ball, and a turnover ensued.

If Osman would have simply held the ball, the Magic would have been forced to send him to the free-throw line to stop the clock.

Osman took the blame for his mistake.

“Obviously, it was a bad pass,” Osman told Cleveland.com after Monday’s game. “That was a huge mistake. I think it cost us the game.

“I just saw G Hill because he was wide open and that layup, like if he scored fast the clock will go and at that time JC was running through the middle and I didn’t see JC,” Osman added. “I should just keep it in my hands and we (win) the game. It was a bad decision.”

Osman logged a whopping 43 minutes in Monday’s loss the Magic, scoring 11 points on 5-of-17 shooting from the field (1-of-9 from beyond the arc) and 10 rebounds.

Though it was a bad decision, games are not won or lost on one play alone. There is no doubt Osman will learn from this mistake going forward.

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