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Cedi Osman had to wait for Cavs’ battle with Lakers before cutting his hair

Cedi Osman

Cleveland Cavaliers swingman Cedi Osman came up big for the Cavs on Sunday, scoring a team-high 20 points en route to a famous 101-95 victory against the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers were still missing LeBron James, Osman’s former teammate and close friend, who was out nursing a groin injury. Despite not being able to face LeBron on the court on Sunday, Osman was still more than willing to share how he has managed since the departure of James last summer.

As it turns out, LeBron’s exit over the offseason had a huge impact on Osman, particularly with regards to his personal hygiene. Apparently, James took the team barber with him to L.A., which meant that guys like Osman had trouble looking for a new hairdresser.

Osman spoke with The Athletic’s Joe Vardon, and he shared how he had to wait for a trip to Los Angeles just to get his hair done.

“I’m not a big fan of long hair, but mine was getting longer and longer and I looked at the schedule and I saw we were coming to L.A., so I figured I would just wait so Nick could cut my hair,” Osman said. “I’m much more comfortable with short hair. I think it looks better, too.”

It appears that the effects of LeBron’s summer departure extend far beyond the confines of the basketball court.

Unfortunately for Osman and the rest of the Cavs, they have no choice but to get used to life without James — including hiring the services of a new barber.

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