Cleveland Cavaliers center Jarrett Allen responded when asked whether he knew that forward Kevin Love wanted a buyout, ESPN Cleveland Cavs beat reporter Danny Cunningham wrote in a Thursday tweet.

“I was told he was going for milk and cigarettes and he never came back,” said Allen.

Though Cavs guard Donovan Mitchell was “shocked” by Kevin Love’s request for a buyout, he said no one on the team took the request personally. His teammates understood and respected that he wanted to play, wrote Right Down Euclid Editor-in-Chief Evan Dammarell. Mitchell recently reached out to Love to catch up with him after he joined the Miami Heat. Cavs reporter Chris Fedor said Love’s relationship with Cleveland’s decision-makers is currently “strained” in a Thursday article.

“Sources say Love’s relationship with Cleveland’s decision-makers is currently strained — a byproduct of how recent events unfolded,” Fedor wrote. “The Cavs were starting to grow concerned about his unhappiness festering, especially since there were no plans to re-insert him into the lineup.

“With about two months remaining in the regular season, the ticklish situation could have led to another infamous blowup. It’s one reason the Cavs were so willing to honor his buyout request. His unquantifiable impact on the organization over the years is another.”

Kevin Love called Jarrett Allen “your favorite player’s favorite player” following a 114-106 win over the Milwaukee Bucks in December.

“He just goes about his business, does his work, goes out there and gets it done,” Love said. “I love the way that he plays his game and what he brings to this team.

“I can’t say enough good things about JA. He takes the challenge, plays both sides of the ball, and is about all of the right things.”

The Cavs will start a two-game series against the Heat at 7: 30 p.m. EST on March 8 in Miami-Dade Arena. The game will be broadcasted on Bally Sports Ohio.