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C.J. McCollum says LeBron James isn’t slowing down

LeBron James

LeBron James is 33 years old and at that age, most NBA players seem to take a step back, but for James, he is like a fine wine, he is only getting better with age.

C.J. McCollum seems to agree with the idea that he isn’t slowing down and talked about that with Adrian Wojnarowski on his podcast.

“He’s heavy. He runs fast. He jumps high. He plays, I don’t know 90 games a year it seems like because they’re going to the Finals most years. He’s not slowing down. It seems like he’s getting better with age.” – CJ McCollum on LeBron James

It seems every year, James has more put on his shoulders and the expectations are higher, and every year he still continues to deliver.

According to Second Spectrum tracking data, James actually is literally slowing down. While on the court this offseason he has moved at the average speed of 3.73 miles per hour, which is second worst in the NBA this postseason.

James talked earlier this postseason about how he is learning better how to conserve energy and that could be a big reason why it says he is moving so slow on the court. James isn’t having any of the idea that he is slowing down even if his speed is down, and called the idea “the dumbest s**t I have ever heard.”

“That’s the dumbest s*** I’ve ever heard,” he told The Athletic’s Jason Lloyd. “That tracking bulls*** can kiss my a**. The slowest guy? Get out of here.”

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