Cleveland Cavaliers big man Andre Drummond is outstanding on the glass. The Cavs center led the NBA in rebounding three of the last four seasons with the Detroit Pistons and was on track to do it again this year before the campaign was suspended.

But where does he rank among the best rebounders ever?

Earlier this season, Drummond said that he was the best rebounder of all time, and the Cavs behemoth doubled down on that proclamation:

“I’ve always thought that about myself,” said Drummond during an interview with Michael Pina of SB Nation. “I’ve just never been vocal about it. I’ll never put another man before myself. I’m always gonna think I’m the best. Even if I’m wrong I’m still gonna say that I’m right. I’m still gonna find a way to try and prove it.”

Through 57 games this season, Drummond was averaging 15.2 rebounds per game. With the Cavs, that number was only 11.1, but he had only played eight games with his new team before the NBA’s hiatus.

The 26-year-old, who played his collegiate basketball at the University of Connecticut, was originally selected by the Pistons with the ninth overall pick of the 2012 NBA Draft.

He spent the first seven and a half years of his career with the Pistons, making a couple of All-Star appearances. His best season came during the 2017-18 campaign, when he registered 15.0 points, 16.0 boards, 3.0 assists, 1.6 blocks and 1.5 steals over 33.7 minutes per game while shooting 52.9 percent from the floor and 60.5 percent from the free-throw line.

Detroit traded Drummond to the Cavs at the trade deadline back in February.

To go along with his rebounding totals, he is recording 17.7 points, 2.9 assists, 1.9 steals and 1.6 blocks a night this season.

Drummond has a player option for next year.