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Andre Drummond doesn’t take pride in being just 1 of 9 humans to block a LeBron James dunk

Cavs. Andre Drummond, LeBron James

Cleveland Cavaliers big man Andre Drummond is currently one of the best shot-blockers in the league today. Proof of the same is the fact that the 6-foot-10 Cavs center is one of just a handful of players who have achieved the extremely difficult task of blocking Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James.

If you ask Drummond, however, this is not something that he considers to be one of the most outstanding feats of his career:

“I’ve blocked a lot of shots in my time. It’s against LeBron James? I don’t really put that in the trophy case,” the Cavs big man said, Via Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report. “He’s a great player, don’t get it twisted. He’s got his accolades, but it’s nothing that I pride myself on.”

Blocking one of the greatest players of all time is no easy task. Just ask the dozens of players who’ve been on the wrong end of a LeBron James poster. Drummond himself has been victim of the same on more than a few occasions.

“He’s gotten me plenty of times, too,” the Cavs veteran said.

“I’m going for everything. If I get dunked on, I get dunked on. If I don’t, I’m blocking the shot. That’s just part of the game.”

This is exactly the type of attitude that allows Drummond to excel as an elite shot-blocker. You can’t be afraid to be dunked on every now and again because that fear is exactly what’s going to hold you back. Clearly, this isn’t the case for Drummond.

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