Former Cleveland Cavaliers center Anderson Varejao shared how he hopes to impact the Cavs’ staff in a Saturday press conference.

“To be able to continue my journey with them, and helping in any way I can, it means a lot to me,” Varejao said. “My goal is to be impactful in the community and help the ones in need.”

Anderson Varejao joined the Cavs’ staff as a global ambassador and player development consultant in mid January. The 13-year Cavalier was tasked with aiding in leading the organization’s international partnership effort, including in Latin America, wrote Cavs reporter Chris Fedor. He will also work with the team’s coaches, players and front office members with a multitude of on-court roles during the season.

Player development was something Anderson Varejao said he considered to be extremely important, adding a veteran presence could help younger guys through things that are bound to happen.

“Sometimes, they think they know, like I thought I knew everything when I was young,” Varejao said. “I had people around me that made sure, they told me ‘no, you don’t know.’ I’m not saying that they don’t know. We have a pretty good group of guys here.

“I think we have a special team. We don’t have anyone that we have to worry about. I’m a little bit older. I’m 40 years old. Some of them are like 19, 20-something. I feel like I can share a little bit of my experience and help them in different ways as they need.”

Even though he is in a completely different role, Anderson Varejao’s commitment to the team remains exactly as it was since he first suited up in the 2004-05 season.

“I always tell people, they ask me, actually, in the last couple of days,” Varejao said. “They say ‘hey, how do you feel?’

“I say ‘different title, but same heart.’ Let’s keep this party going.”