On Saturday, the Cleveland Cavaliers lost their eighth straight game at the hands of the Utah Jazz. Unfortunately, the brutal stretch of losses is not the worst part for the Cavs.

By suffering a 26-point defeat at the hands of the Jazz, the Cavs have now set a very embarrassing record for biggest consecutive home defeats by any professional sports team, per Joe Vardon of The Athletic.

The Cavaliers are the first team in major professional sports history to lose four consecutive home games by 20 or more points, according to the sports data tracking company Sportradar.

Here’s a look at how the Cavs have fared in their last four home games:

  • Dec 16 vs Philadelphia 76ers 128-105 (23-point loss)
  • Dec 23 vs. Chicago Bulls 112-92 (20-point loss)
  • Jan 2 vs. Miami Heat 117-92 (25-point loss)
  • Jan 4 vs. Utah Jazz 117-91 (26-point loss)

There are not many words that can express how terrible this record is for the Cavs. Note that this is not only an NBA record but spans the entire realm of professional sports — throughout the whole world.

We all knew that the Cavs were having a bad year, but this recent development just goes to show how terrible the team has been this season. It’s not only that they’re losing games, but it’s the manner by which they are piling up the defeats.

The only silver lining here is that we’re almost at the halfway point of the season, and the suffering should not last much longer for Cavs fans. Moreover, the accumulation of losses puts the team in a better position to scoop up Duke freshman sensation Zion Williamson in next summer’s Draft, so at least there’s that.