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Cavs Nation’s First Round NBA Playoff Predictions

Soobum Im | USA TODAY Sports

(3) Los Angeles Clippers VS (6) San Antonio Spurs

Disregard the seeding. The Los Angeles Clippers and San Antonio Spurs are two veteran teams who are both led by elite players and coaches that almost everything’s a virtual tossup. Chris Paul will continue to feed Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan up there, but Gregg Popovich could care less and that goes to show the ironically big contrast between these two teams’ playing styles. The Clippers` starting five is one of the best in the league but their bench is one of the most shallow as well. San Antonio`s notorious depth could wear out on Los Angeles, which could eventually tip the series in favor of the defending champions. But Chris Paul needs this series as he’s never been in the Conference Finals, so he might just decide to take the series over and win it himself.

Fearless forecast: Los Angeles wins, 4-2.

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