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Cavs Nation’s First Round NBA Playoff Predictions

Kevin C. Cox | Getty Images

The smoke has finally cleared and the contenders have separated themselves from the pretenders. Everything changes from now on. Coaches will sleep less and players will sweat more as every possession gets even more crucial. Teams will be flexing their muscles as they dominate foes and ground breaking upsets are also within reach for those who barely made the postseason trip. Roll your eyes and tighten up your focus as we go through every first round matchup from both Eastern and Western Conferences while also providing bold predictions.

Eastern Conference

(1) Atlanta Hawks VS (8) Brooklyn Nets

The Southeast Division Champion Atlanta Hawks swept their regular season series against the Brooklyn Nets, 4-0. The Hawks have displayed consistency from day one while the mediocre Nets started to hit their stride when they acquired Thaddeus Young via a midseason trade. The Nets have a tall order in front of them as the Hawks are the second best home team in the league. Atlanta’s relies on ball movement and three point shooting, areas where Brooklyn is struggling defensively. Unfortunately for Brooklyn, there’s simply no aspect that they can capitalize, hence, a smooth flight looms for the soaring Hawks.

Fearless Forecast: Atlanta wins, 4-1.

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