Having just lost his delightful mother less than a month ago, Channing Frye endured yet another tragedy in the passing of his fathers just yesterday.

With the upmost respect from all of us in the Cavs Nation family, we wanted to carry a bit of the heavy burden unjustly placed on Frye’s enlarged heart. If you’d like to send Channing a message, prayer or note to let him know you’re thinking about him, you may anonymously do so below:

As cheery as the holidays can be, moments like the one Cavalier power forward Frye experienced this Thanksgiving remind us that appreciation isn’t always about what you have; often times it’s about what you lose. Frye, having faced this reality a number of times with struggles throughout his personal life and career, has a unequivocal position on appreciation.

We know it’s never been easy for him, something Cavs fans know all too well. We love you, Channing!