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Cavs Most Pressing Free Agency Decisions This Offseason

David Richard | USA TODAY Sports

1. Kevin Love, Player Option

Pretty much everyone has seen Kevin Love struggle this season, his first with the Cavaliers. A majority of the credit for the Cavs success has gone to LBJ, Kyrie, and the new additions (J.R., Shump, Mozgov), while Love is often viewed as the weak link on the team. He often gets beat in the post, and gets attention for supposedly not giving his all while on defense. Despite all of this, his impact is overseen. He is a great shooter, and can knock down 3’s better than many guards. Also, he is still the rebounding beast from those years in Minnesota where he was a 20-10 machine. Love admits that he is still working on chemistry with LBJ, but its easy for anyone to play with LeBron.

There have been quite a few rumors about Love leaving Cleveland after this season. Love denies all of these reports, and has said quite a few times that he will re-sign with the Cavs in the off season. Despite his comments, there is still a possibility that he could leave for a team like the LA Lakers, his home team. Love could either opt in and give the Cavs another year to work everything out, re-sign with the Cavs, or sign with another team. An advantage to the Cavs is that they are the only team that can give him a five-year contract (others max at four years).

Look for Love to either opt in or re-sign with the Cavs, after ‘testing’ free agency. Pretty much a mirror image to Chris Bosh from last summer. If he re-signs, look for Love to sign a max contract around five years, $120 million.

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