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Cavs Most Pressing Free Agency Decisions This Offseason

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6. Tristan Thompson, Restricted Free Agent

When the King made his decision to come back to Cleveland, Tristan Thompson had to be ecstatic. Not only are they workout buddies, training together in the offseason, but they are also represented by the same agency: Klutch Sports (Agent Rich Paul, LBJ’s high school friend). But, Coach Blatt decided to start traditional center Anderson Varejao instead, and the Cavs traded Wiggins for Kevin Love, moves which moved Thompson to the bench. Despite Varejao’s season-ending injury, Thompson continues to come off the bench, averaging a career-high 10.4 points per game while also putting up 8.1 rebounds and 0.5 assists per game. Double T has crazy chemistry with some of the guys, especially LeBron and Matthew Dellavedova, so the Cavs most likely won’t let him walk.

Although it will not be proven, the connection between LeBron James, Tristan Thompson, and their agent is obvious. Rich Paul rejected the Cavs offer sheet back in October because he knows that he can get more money for his client, Double T. The Cavs will most likely cave and give Thompson a larger contract-sort of as a reward to Rich Paul, since he convinced James to return to Cleveland. Will he be overpaid? Probably. Another notable big man, Kenneth Faried, resigned for just 4 years, $50 million, despite performing better than Thompson.

The Cavs will really have to pull out the checkbook for Tristan Thompson- Double T and his agents turned down a 4 year-$52 million deal back in October before the re-signing deadline. And if another were to sign Double T to an offer sheet, the Cavs would match it in no time.

Look for the Cavs to re-sign Thompson for around $15 mil a year at 4 years, $60 million.

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