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Cavs Most Pressing Free Agency Decisions This Offseason

Jesse D. Garrabrant | GettyImages

The Cavs face some difficult decisions this coming offseason regarding their personnel. Since the season is not over yet, it is hard to tell who will be more valuable in the future, but it seems like this Cavs team has a chemistry that should not be tampered with. GM David Griffin should be careful about making another move, as it could ruin the greatness that this current Cavs team has in store for them. Although the Cavs will go way over the salary cap to keep most of their main free agents this summer, owner Dan Gilbert has made it publicly known that he is willing to pay the luxury tax to keep his team at the top of the NBA. Let’s hope this is true, as the Cavs have a lot of free agents for this coming summer.

Here are the Cavs’ nine upcoming free agents and what will most likely happen, starting with number nine:

9. Shawn Marion, Unrestricted Free Agent

Shawn Marion has been a great addition to this Cavs team due to his versatility guarding both guards and forwards. Back in December, Marion made it known that this season would be his last. Some players have declared retirement and then returned, but it remains seen if Marion will do the same.

Marion will retire at the end of the 2014-2015 season.

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