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Cavs news: LeBron James is working on an HBO series for sneakerheads

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Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James has become one of the most recognizable basketball players in NBA history — both on and off the court. A loving family, three championship rings, and a lifetime shoe deal with Nike are just a few of his stellar achievements. However, it seems he’s not finished making moves yet.

On Thursday, Nellie Andreeva of deadline.com reported that James, a known sneakerhead, and his production company, Springhill Entertainment, are teaming up with HBO to create a single-camera comedy about the shoe-loving community.

According to Andreeva, the thirty minute show, which sprouted from SpringHill’s multi-year movie, TV, and digital deal with Warner Bros, does not have a title yet.

“Written by Shawn Wines (High Maintenance) and Lemon Andersen (She’s Gotta Have It), the untitled Sneaker Store Project centers on two best friends and their wild employees at an up-and-coming sneaker shop outside L.A., where they take on the insane and obsessive world of sneaker culture. Wines also executive produces with James and Carter. Andersen is co-executive producer.”

As most hoops fans know, James has been involved in the sneaker industry in some form since his rookie year in the NBA (2003), when he became the target of a fierce bidding war between the world’s top shoe brands. Now, thanks to the fine folks at HBO, James will have an opportunity to convey his passion in comedic form.

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