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Cavs news: LeBron James is pleased with team’s recent mini-camp

LeBron James

Over the past week or so, LeBron James has been participating in a preseason mini-camp with his Cleveland Cavaliers teammates at UC-Santa Barbara’s campus. It seems the King, now entering his 15th season in the NBA, was pleased with the training sessions.

On Thursday, James posted a photo of the entire group of campers on his Instagram account. In the caption of the picture, the Cavs’ captain wrote a motivational message.

Via Alysha Tsuji of ForTheWin.com:

“Great few days of mini camp with the squad!! Made each other better every single sec/min/hour we were on the floor! It’s the beginning of a long journey and we’ll be ready for the Process that comes with it!” #StriveForGreatness🚀 #TheLand #savagemode😤

These guys take their training seriously, sure. However, conditioning wasn’t the only thing they accomplished in Southern California. They also took some time to bond off the court.

Earlier this week, several members of the Cavs, including James, J.R. Smith, and Tristan Thompson, stopped for a spot of breakfast before hitting the gym. Much to Smith’s surprise, Thompson, actually paid for the meal.

“Y’all not going to believe this $hit. This man, Double T, actually paid for breakfast. Ain’t that some $hit,” Smith said in shock, sitting alongside an equally amused LeBron James at breakfast.

What else did the group of campers do while they were in Santa Barbara, you ask? Well, it looks like a few of them drank some good ol’ vino with James.

“Last night in Santa Barbara so I Brought out some of my personal treasures for my guys @kevinlove @realtristan13 @brandonweems10 and the General tonight.” #EnjoyingTheFruitsOfOurLabor🍇#VinoChronicles🍷

Cavs forward Channing Frye, one of the funniest members of the team, shared a series of video clips with his followers on social media. All things considered, it seems as though the former Arizona Wildcat standout was in good spirits.

With the start of the 2017-18 NBA season less than one month away, Cavs fans won’t have to wait much longer to see these characters in on-court action.

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