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Cavs news: LeBron James posts message of support for NFL

LeBron James

Since last year’s summer, NFL players have had demonstrations during the singing of the national anthem to show their stance on different social issues. It can be recalled that Colin Kaepernick drew mixed reactions when he decided to kneel while the anthem us being played during pre-game, and other professional sports teams followed suit with gestures they made to show their unity.

Now, one of the most popular and influential athletes in the world today, LeBron James, made it known that he supports the NFL, along with its coaches and players, after the strong statements made by President Donald Trump against them. He took to his Instagram account to send his message of support with a simple caption that said “United We Stand!!”

The Cleveland Cavaliers star forward has never been shy to speak his mind about numerous controversial issues in the past. Together with his “banana boat crew” of Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul, and Carmelo Anthony, they have continuously been active on social media to raise awareness and promote justice and equality.

LeBron James’ latest social media activity will only make the topic even more controversial. It’s no secret that many professional athletes like him are not fully supporting Trump, and his message could inspire others to also come up with their own, and make them known publicly.

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