As the Cleveland Cavaliers are scheduled to visit the White House, many are wondering if this will be the last time an NBA team will visit the official residence of the U.S. President in a long time.

With Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump set to become the 45th President of the United States, it will be hard to imagine an NBA team, mostly made up of African American players, making a courtesy call to Mr. Trump, who has had a history of racially-charged comments against different races, including theirs.

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Many players have openly given their disapproval over the election results and the Cavaliers’ star forward LeBron James posted a video on Instagram with a lengthy message to his fellow Americans.

And as fate would have it, the Cavs’ appointment will coincide with the first visit of the President-elect to his future home and office. It’s not expected that their paths will cross but will not be entirely impossible should there be any delays or schedule changes during the day.

Based on the posts made on social media, Trump will not be the most popular commander-in-chief of professional athletes. But things may still change as his term has not started yet. He had already reached out and made a call for unity when he made his victory speech and it will be interesting how the players will act on it.