Throughout the Cleveland Cavaliers’ championship celebration last summer, J.R. Smith was spotted shirtless on multiple occasions. He even drew a reaction from former president Barrack Obama, who asked head coach Tyronn Lue to remind Smith to put a shirt on when they visit the White House.

During LeBron James’ We Are Family Reunion on Tuesday, the 31-year-old shooting guard was once again shirtless when he made his entrance on stage. This time, it was The King himself who questioned his choice of outfit, and threw a shirt for him to wear.

While Smith is in great shape and has the physique to be worthy of showing off his body, there are certainly places and events where deciding to go shirtless is not acceptable. James’ reunion is one of them, with a lot of children part of the crowd, and even women of all ages in attendance.

James deserves credit for calling Smith out for the lack of clothing, but at the same time kept it low key in asking him to put a shirt on. Maybe it could serve as an eye-opener for Smith to change his ways, especially when in public, as it has become an unpopular part of his already eccentric image.

But then again, it could just be a funny act between the two friends/teammates since LeBron James conveniently had an extra shirt at his side ready to be thrown into some shirtless man who might run to the stage — in this case, J.R. Smith.