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Cavs video: J.R. Smith nails half-court shot in scrimmage to win a generator for fan

jr smith

The Cleveland Cavaliers had their much anticipated Wine and Gold scrimmage on Monday in front of thousands of fans inside the Quicken Loans Arena. As expected, it was highly entertaining, and was filled with lots of promotions throughout the night.

One of them was a half-court shot challenge to J.R. Smith, that had a generator for Army Sergeant First Class Gary Sellars at stake, if he makes it. The sharpshooting guard did not disappoint as he swished his first shot from the distance, and even hitting nothing but net.

The Cavs guard capped off his impressive shot with his signature celebration, as he knelt down and thanked the basketball gods for helping him knock it down on his first try.

Although it was all fun and games during the challenge, J.R. Smith also showed that he is ready for next season and is in tip-top shape. It’s definitely good news for Cavs fans, especially with Smith not having his best performances during last season’s Finals series. He is now looking geared for a bounce back year, and should continue being the Cavs’ floor spacer, with his prowess from beyond the arc.

Despite the arrival of Dwyane Wade to their fold recently, Smith is still expected to be the team’s starting shooting guard. However, he will consistent and productive stints on the floor in order to secure his spot, as the 12-time All-Star will be ready, should he be asked to start in Smith’s place during the season. The competition within the team may seem very high, but it could also work wonders for their players and bring out the best from them as well.

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