The Cleveland Cavaliers have a huge asset they could use this offseason in Brendan Haywood and his contract. Haywood has a $10.5 million, non-guaranteed contract if he is waived before August 1, an asset for the Cavs that has become more valuable as the deadline to trade him approaches. Many expected the Cavs to use this asset earlier in the season, but they’ve saved it for the final possible month.

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Brian Windhort of ESPN reported on Thursday afternoon that the Cavs have about six or seven trade options for Haywood. On Sunday afternoon, Windhorst reported the biggest trade option for the Cavs as they had expressed interest in bringing over Brooklyn Nets’ guard Joe Johnson.

Johnson is owed $24.8 million next season, and the Cavs have been looking for consistent perimeter help next season. Windhorst spoke about why the Nets may want to consider this deal:

“The Nets are actively looking to move Johnson to reduce their tax burden this upcoming season as they are facing paying the repeater tax, which would be the most punitive luxury penalty in league history.

Trading for and waiving Haywood could save the Nets tens of millions in tax payments, but it would take more than just Haywood to make the contract values match in a deal between the Cavs and Nets.”

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This is where Windhorst said the Cavs can offer someone like Anderson Varejao along with Haywood in a deal for Johnson. It would be very hard for the Cavs and their fans to cope with losing their second favorite and loyal Cavalier in Varejao, but moving Andy could be what the Cavs need to get Johnson via trade as well as power forward David West via free agency.