On Wednesday, the Cleveland Clinic Courts, the practice court of the NBA’s defending champion Cavaliers, opened their doors to a group of 5th grade students from Henry Defer Intermediate School as part of their “Read to Achieve” program.

This month’s Read to Achieve activity had the students identify a hero in their everyday lives. The children were to read a book that reflects their choice; relating their real-life heroes to fictional ones.

Led by Olivier “The Voice” Sedra and Cavs PA announcer Ahmaad Crump, the students, wearing masks and costumes, competed in a superhero relay race that consisted of various basketball challenges.

During a break in the action, the students huddled around to read “The Energy Bus for Kids”, an inspirational children’s book written by Jon Gordon about overcoming obstacles and being positive in life.

Keeping with tradition, the Cavaliers handed out special Cavs packs to each of the students before their departure. It was a great experience for these young students.