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FULL HIGHLIGHTS: J.R. Smith Gets Hot From Downtown As Cavs Steal Game 1, 97-89

J.R. Smith has come to play in Atlanta, knocking down 8-10 from downtown!

LeBron James seems to have made up his mind in the second quarter: post up and attack. Post up and attack.

LeBron goes right at DeMarre Carroll and makes him look helpless down low.

Matthew Dellavedova rejects the LeBron James screen, going away from it and towards the middle, where the defense comes out to him and he finds Tristan Thompson for what should be their patented Delly-to-Thompson alley-oop, since they basically do this every game.

Paul Millsap drives on Tristan Thompson, but Thompson recovers and swats his baseline floater back to his teammates, who come up with the rebound.

With J.R. Smith catching fire, DeMarre Carroll was assigned to defend him. That meant Paul Millsap had to guard LeBron James. Or at least, he tried to.

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