Kevin Love’s overall rating may not have budged from NBA 2K17 to 2K18 – it remained at 87 – but the Cleveland Cavaliers forward sure did undergo a huge upgrade in the graphics department.

The @cavsdistrict Instagram account noticed the marked change in Love’s facial features in the two games. They posted screencaps of the two versions of Love on top of one another on Instagram, and the difference is like night and day.

In 2K17, Kevin Love just didn’t look quite right. His head wasn’t exactly the right shape, his eyes were a bit too narrow, and he looked a lot like a caveman overall. But 2K18 was able to fix those errors in stunning detail and the result was a frighteningly realistic version of the Cavs forward.

Given how accurately the game was able to capture Love’s features this time around, it’s probably safe to say the Cavs All-Star will love playing himself in NBA 2K18.