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Cavs Carving & Serving Thanksgiving Feast To Cleveland Community


With basketball at the focal point of their careers and lives, the Cleveland Cavaliers need to occasionally remind people that they are more than just players. Cavaliers are people who stand with, serve and care about the community that does the same for them each and every game. Yesterday, the team gave back to a struggling area, serving up turkey, stuffing and warm apple pie to those in need. From Kyrie’s cooking show to Andy’s personal best 6-minute turkey carving, the Cavs made a difference in many lives yesterday. In Cleveland, basketball is family.

Kyrie Irving Enjoying the Chef’s spotlight:

#HappyThanksgiving, from Chef @kyrieirving (@k1irving)

Anderson Varejao cuts turkey the same way he cuts to the basket: quick and energetic.

Leave it to the Wild Thing to carve up the bird in LESS THAN 6 mins! #LikeAPro #CavsCare (@varejaoanderson17)

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Kyrie with the assists:

Order up! @k1irving (@kyrieirving) is dishing up Apple & Pumpkin pie, deeeeeep in The Q! #CavsCare

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A Lovely evening, to say the least:

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