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Report: Cavs believe a Kyrie Irving trade is almost inevitable

Kyrie Irving Cavs Pistons Recap

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been backed into the corner of having to decide whether to move All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving after his recent trade request came to light.

According to Zach Lowe of ESPN, the feeling around the organization is that a trade for the 25-year-old appears to be an inevitable conclusion.

Irving has made it quite clear to the Cavaliers that he has settled on this mindset that has been brewing for quite some time, and it may only grow louder the longer the situation remains unresolved. His overwhelming desire to lead a team as the primary offensive factor has now put him over the edge despite helping lead the Cavaliers to three straight NBA Finals including winning the franchise’s first NBA title.

It also doesn’t look like he’s backing down from that stance as he subtly indicated this perceived notion by “liking” a photo on Instagram that compares growth to comfort with the emphasis on the former being the more important between the two. In essence, Irving wants to be the unquestioned top option for an NBA team now that he’s experienced a high level of success alongside LeBron James.

The ball is now in the Cavaliers’ court to work out a trade for Irving that they believe would warrant pulling the trigger.

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