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Cavs’ 3-team deal with Pacers, Nuggets ‘unlikely to happen’

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Ever since Paul George reportedly told the Indiana Pacers that he won’t re-sign with them when his current contract expires in 2018, the Pacers have made it known around the league that the All-Star forward is available for trade. Just like several other teams, the Cleveland Cavaliers have definitely shown interest.

The Cavs have been busy finding ways to trade for George even to the extent of finding a possible third team to help facilitate such a trade given that the Pacers aren’t interested in any of the Cavs’ assets. Recently, the Cavs have offered Kevin Love to the Denver Nuggets in exchange for the Nuggets offering some of their assets to the Pacers. However, according to Joe Vardon of Cleveland.com, a trade with the Nuggets and Pacers is “very unlikely” to happen:

As first reported by ESPN, the Cavs engaged the Nuggets as a possible third team to facilitate a trade for the All-Star George on draft night, but a source said the discussion was “nothing serious” and “very unlikely” to happen now.

If the Cavs are to make any major move this summer, it would appear that the Cavs have to get creative. Getting creative isn’t something new to the Cavs as they’ve continuously shown the last couple seasons. However, getting a superstar like George may require the Cavs to get extra creative especially if you consider the competition the Cavs currently face for George’s services.

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