The Cleveland Cavaliers have not had an active summer in terms of roster changes. Save for a minor addition in Jose Calderon, the team has virtually no significant free agent acquisition, and incredibly limited cap space to bring in more talent. However, the real activity was in the front office.

The Cavs decided not to keep their previous general manager in David Griffin, whose contract expired this summer. His tasks were assumed by assistant general manager Koby Altman. Altman has made two moves thus far, resigning sharpshooting veteran Kyle Korver to a three-year, $22 million deal and signing Calderon to a one-year, veteran’s minimum deal.

The fans of the franchise were outraged when Griffin was let go, due to his involvement in building the team that won them the 2016 NBA championship. Due to that, the moves made by Altman have been under more scrutiny than usual. However, Dan Gilbert himself does not seem to agree with the criticism.

According to Tom Withers from the Associated Press, the Cavs’ majority owner is happy with what has been done. And, to be fair to Altman, with an incredibly limited amount of time since being put into the fire and with no cap space whatsoever, he did what he could for now.

One thing that plagued Cleveland for the last couple of days was the thought that, after firing Griffin, the Cavs’ front office was in disarray. According to Yahoo Sports’ Jordan Schultz, that wasn’t the case. The Cavaliers organization had stabilized under the leadership of Altman and Mike Gansay, the general manager of the Cavs’ G-League affiliate.