After waiving DeAndre Liggins, the Cleveland Cavaliers threw a last second wrench into the plans of reporters tonight. Rather than spending a quiet Sunday night watching basketball, making food, or doing whatever else people do, some most probably spent the night hopping on their computers and starting to cover every aspect of this strange occurrence.

But while waiving a player around a week before playoffs traditionally might be one of the stranger occurrences around the league, some of the names popping up to fill the void are even stranger. Joe Vardon of tossed several suggestions out there, players such as Luis Scola whose stretch ability and veteran presence would be a positive.

One name that really stands out for Cleveland, however, is veteran center and Cavs old favourite, Anderson Varejao. Vardon reported about Cleveland’s interest in the former Cavs and Warriors big man. Varejao is clearly past his prime, only seeing around six minutes a game and posting a negative +/- during his time, though a Varejao signing would likely be more symbolic than skill-based.

Varejao would likely bring a positive attitude to the Cleveland roster, as well as a strong veteran presence. The last time Varejao saw court time was February 2nd, as he would be waived from the roster soon after.

Cleveland has until Wednesday to sign a playoff eligible player for them to be available throughout the postseason. Keep it here with Cavs Nation and ClutchPoints for more updates.