If you were able to catch the Cleveland Cavaliers ring ceremony on Tuesday night,when they unveiled those beautiful diamond encrusted rings, and you want in, then this is your lucky day.

The Cavaliers Team Shop and Kay Jewelers have come together and are selling replica championship rings to fans, and one of them is a whopping $11,999.

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The rings are replicas, which look like the originals, but aren’t exactly the same.

Those originals were made strictly for the Cavs organization, but the details in the most expensive and detailed version of the ring is enough to make those around you not notice the difference.

The same company that made the actual rings also makes the ‘premium deluxe version,’ which features 10-carat white and 14-carat yellow gold with 3.5-carat diamonds.

In the event that you don’t actually have $12,000 laying around anywhere, you can also order a deluxe version for $549 made from a high-strength, scratch-resistant metal alloy.

If all else fails, you can buy a stripped down, mock version of the ring that will cost you $299.

The Kay Jewelers version of the original ring will cost you between $4,000-$5,000 made of 10-carat white gold accented with 10-carat yellow gold and sparkling diamonds.

The design and original ring that you saw LeBron James and the Cavs wearing is a bit different. It consists of 6.5 carats with 400 diamonds, 10-carat white gold, 14-carat yellow gold and weighs 165 grams.

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All of the engravings are custom which you won’t see on the replicas.

You can get a glimpse of the actual rings here if you haven’t seen them yet.