Philadelphia 76ers rookie Ben Simmons has been drawing a lot of comparisons over the past couple of months. The most common one has been that he’s a younger, less polished version of LeBron James.

After the Chicago Bulls and 76ers played their Summer League game on Sunday night, Bulls rookie Denzel Valentine compared Simmons to LeBron.

“He’s like a mini-LeBron,” the Bulls’ 14th overall pick said after facing Simmons for the first time as a pro Sunday. “LeBron’s probably top 10, so if he’s a mini-LeBron, that’s saying a lot.”

Valentine is young, so he probably didn’t mean to say “probably” when saying “LeBron is probably top 10.” Simmons, however, seems worthy of the praise after he’s getting it done with passes like these.

Simmons may be the next coming of LeBron, but he’s got a long way to go before we can talk about that.