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ESPN’s Brian Windhorst confirms marijuana smell after Game 2 inside Cavs locker room

Following the interviews made by reporters inside the Cleveland Cavaliers‘ locker room on Sunday, a lot of talk were made among the media members after they smelled marijuana within the area. While who indeed smoked it is still unknown, it raises a lot of questions, especially with it being illegal in the NBA.

Veteran sportswriter for ESPN, Brian Windhorst, was one of those present in the locker room and recently confirmed that there was indeed a whiff left by marijuana. He also explained that there are two doors and there were quite a number of reporters inside as well, which makes it even harder to identify who smoked it.

It is also worth noting that cannabis is legal in the state of California, and it could be that someone who’s not a member of the Cavs was the one who consumed it.

The league office may also take a closer look at the situation as the use of marijuana could draw some serious repercussions if a player or staff of the team is proven to be guilty of the said prohibition. The Cleveland faithful is hoping that this will not serve s a distraction to their team and that they can continue to focus on winning the next two games at home, to give themselves a chance of still winning it all this year despite a 2-0 deficit.

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